what is

our Philosophy

Safari Kid philosophy is based on the understanding that every Child is different.

  • Customized early childhood development program
  • Focused on all round development of children
  • Fun based learning instills lifelong love for learning

why you

need it

Safari kid programs are designed to accomplish specific development goals

  • Language and communication skills at early age
  • Cognition, focusing on memory, logical thinking and problem solving
  • Social and emotional development in a fun, healthy and nurturing environment

What are

Our methods

Safari kid program is based on three pillars

  • Accelerated learning program developed over 8 years, in the silicon valley
  • Emergent Curriculum as well as adopting best practises of world class teaching methods
  • Customization of the program to the learning capacity of each child



July 29, 2013
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June 13, 2013
Safari Kid Opens



My association with Safari Kid dates back to 2006 when my son was 18 months old. He is now four and a half. The staff, particularly Miss Shy have always given personal attention to the development of my son Vir. At Safari Kid, Vir has always been loved, nurtured, encouraged and taught, all beyond our expectations. I have always received compliments from friends visiting us about how much Vir knows academically or how well mannered he is and I always tell them that I alone can not take credit for that, the credit goes to Safari Kid as well! At the annual day every year, Vir has always been encouraged to perform on stage be it solo dancing or public speaking. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Safari Kid for helping us to raise our child to this confident, disciplined and knowledgeable kid.
Purva Maitra
I started my daughter in Safari Kid Learning Center about 3 months ago, at the new _campus in Milpitas. I was looking for something different than the usual daycare and for part time learning to make the transition into regular school easier on her, since she has already 2.5 yrs old and hadn't been out of the home environment.__Since my daughter has started school here she has learnt so many things in _the vast span of subjects/topic they teach. The teacher is very enthusiastic,_energetic and passionate about teaching and the children. Not only has my daughter _picked up so much academically but her self confidence, and her socializing skills have_improved tremendously. Their attention to each child's need and developmental_stages is amazing. Though the school is growing each child has been given a lot_of personal attention too. __What more can a mother ask, when her child says, ' I had lots of 'fun' in school_today and can I come back tomorrow ?' , at each pick-up time._This school provides everything I had been looking for and much more......